Why Video marketing is important for your business?

10 Feb, 2023

Why Video marketing is important for your business?


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When it comes to engaging internet users, video is the undisputed winner. It is undeniable that video marketing will boost your brand's visibility and growth.

Small and large businesses should invest in videos now, as it is the future of digital marketing.

What does that mean? 

According to the survey, 96% of users have watched an explainer video to learn about a product or service.

92% of marketers say videos are essential to their digital marketing strategies. Videos are one of the top marketing tools they readily invest in.

What You Need to Know About Video Marketing 

The importance of videos cannot be overstated. A quick glance at the top social media platforms will give you an idea of their popularity.

In order to gain an advantage over your competitors, your brand should incorporate videos into your marketing strategy.

Here's why

Enhances credibility for brands

A brand's primary goal is to earn the trust of its customers. By using videos, you can gain customer trust and establish yourself as an authoritative brand. 

In addition to delivering information, videos connect brands with target audiences. In order to build a long-term relationship with your audience, videos engage them and trigger emotions in them. 

By using videos, you can communicate your values and visions, address your audience's needs, build your brand's credibility, and gain their trust. 

Educates consumers about your products/ services

A series of explainer videos are the best way to educate your audience about a new product or service. 

A recent survey found that 73% of users prefer watching videos to learn about new products. 

Videos are essential if your customers value video content so much. A good online course creation platform can help you explain how your products can benefit your customers. 

Consider a product demo presentation, for example. An animated explainer video can cover all that information. That's why video marketing is important.

Increases sales and conversions

Getting higher conversion rates is crucial in a competitive market.

Video on your landing pages can increase conversions. Video is an effective tool to convince visitors that your products or services are valuable. 

Making a buying decision becomes easier when your potential customers see a video. That's how videos improve sales. 

SEO Needs Video Content

YouTube videos are especially popular with Google, as are your audiences. 

You can increase your chances of ranking higher in the search results by including at least one video on your page. It might be a good idea to make a video about the topic that you've written about. It can then rank higher in SERPs.

Video content is displayed above all-text results in Google.

Videos can boost your Google ads if you are considering them. 

By engaging your viewers and helping you rank higher, videos brings more traffic to your website in two ways. 


Globally, there were 2.33 billion mobile phone video viewers in 2022. Users watch 1.5x more videos on smartphones than on computers.

Mobile phone users are clearly impressed by videos. Video content is more in demand as smartphone users have access to the internet everywhere. 

Make creative videos about your brand and products using a good YouTube video editing tool to cater to mobile users and establish a strong brand presence. 

Enhances social sharing

Social media is a great way for consumers to share videos. If you've tried TikTok marketing, you know how viral videos can be. 

You'll get more views and shares if you create engaging and insightful videos. Traffic to your website can be driven by social sharing. 

With videos on social media, you can market your products, promote your affiliate marketing program, and do much more than you can with text posts. 

What are you waiting for? Invest in video marketing now! Now that you know the value of videos, you can start putting them to use. 

With videos, you can achieve specific goals and generate great returns on investment. To connect with your audience, use visual storytelling and emotional appeal and the right kind of videos for different purposes. 

Invest in creating the best videos with Pace Media to ensure your business is future-ready

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