How Explainer Videos Can Benefit Your Business?

13 Feb, 2023

How Explainer Videos Can Benefit Your Business?


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Have you ever thought about creating an explainer video?

Then you probably wondered, “Is it actually worth it?”

Whether you use videos on your website or social media pages, consider them in your marketing campaign. Businesses engage with their customers through video these days, and it's one of the leading methods. You can use videos as part of your marketing campaign based on these numbers.

  • Online videos are preferred by 6 out of 10 people
  • More than 82% of consumer internet traffic will be online videos by 2023
  • Video retains 95% of a message, compared to 10% when read in copy

In the coming years, online videos will account for an increasingly larger amount of web traffic. Videos communicate messages more effectively than written copy, so they're an ideal marketing tool.

What makes an explainer video so special?

Focus on the Point

Business websites face one challenge: communicating what the business is about to visitors.

It's important for your website visitors to understand what you're selling within a couple of minutes, or they'll hit the "back" button.

On your homepage, you can easily explain your company and your product to visitors. You push leads to the next phase after starting a communication.

The user won't have to click through multiple pages and tabs to understand your product.

Storytelling Allows You to Reach People

Storytelling is a great way to sell your brand. "Brand stories" establish credibility, build trust, and create an emotional response from customers.

Generally, marketing stories go like this:

  • The problem
  • A solution-value proposition
  • The process
  • Advantages
  • Call to action

You can't always tell your story through written copy. Sites are visual experiences, so the brand story should focus primarily on visual elements. At a trade show or conference, a written copy isn't ideal.

You can use explainer videos to present your brand story and show how your product solves a customer's problem. Your website and trade shows will benefit from an explainer video since it's visual.

Video explainers are practical

Product descriptions vary depending on the product. A video can help explain what you do and how it benefits your customers if your business offers a complicated product or service.

Some aspects of SEO are difficult to describe in text.

Demonstrate how your product works and how it will improve your customers' lives. An explainer video can help explain your company's process in a digestible way if your offering is complex or difficult to understand.

Conversion rates increase with videos

Although survey results may conflict, one thing is certain:

Explainer videos increase the likelihood of people purchasing something.

As a result, explainer videos address pain points, provide a solution, and describe the main benefits of what you do.

This allows your visitors to make more informed decisions and increase conversion rates, resulting in lifelong clients.


People are designed to respond to familiar ideas when they encounter content. Explainer videos introduce viewers to new concepts through familiar and unfamiliar ideas. Business explainer videos tell clients why they should care.

By working with a video production company such as Pace Media, explainer videos can accomplish amazing things at an affordable price.

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