What types of explainer videos should you consider?

28 Feb, 2023

What types of explainer videos should you consider?


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Explainer videos are short, often animated videos that describe and demonstrate a product or service. Audiences respond well to explainer videos. 

You have various types of explainer videos which you get to choose from. Read till the end to know which type of explainer video works well for your business

Educational videos

Educating your audience with educational videos will help them learn something new. As an expert in your field, you're establishing trust between you and your audience through this type of video marketing.

Videos for educational purposes come in three varieties

  • Tutorial videos: By creating a tutorial video, you can showcase your brand and products and teach people how to use them.
  • Industry update videos: Following and understanding trends in your industry will give you credibility and add a layer of trust to your business.  Video marketing can keep you and your customers informed about new technological breakthroughs and trends affecting your industry and world.
  • Explainer videos: Video explainers simplify the explanation of a product, service, process, or any other complicated topic.  A few minutes is typically the maximum length of these videos. Most of them are animated.
Corporate Videos

Videos about your company's culture help showcase your company's personality. When shooting videos for this type of marketing, keep your mission and values in mind.  A commitment to your mission and values establishes trust between your business and the public. 

Check out these examples of Corporate Videos.

  • Event Videos: Your company's event videos can provide people with a lot of information without any words. Increase the reach of your event videos by capturing them and promoting them effectively.
  • Brand Videos: Brand video content marketing allows you and your employees to discuss your company's values and mission.  In your brand video, you should explain what makes your company unique, whether it's your dedication to customer service or your history. 

Product videos Video marketing for product videos helps you showcase your products.  The way you feature your products is up to you, but you can also emulate the companies in these examples.

  • Product demo videos: Viewers can better understand your product by watching product demo videos.  Whether you talk about your product or just showcase its features, it is important that you show off what your product can do.
  • Product launch videos: When launching a new product, video marketing can help create a lot of buzzes. You should focus on getting people as excited about your new product as you are, whether you tease new features in a video campaign or tell the story of how it came to be.
Testimonial videos

By incorporating testimonials into your video marketing strategies, you demonstrate your customers' loyalty.  These videos help establish trust with other content you've created.  Good business is when people sing your praises, right?  Here are two types of testimonials. 

  • Customer testimonials: Customer testimonials are great for pushing people from consideration to purchase. People are more likely to choose your product if you have glowing testimonials from customers. 
  • Employee testimonials: People who work for you know what it's like to work for you, so they're the best people to ask about work. With this type of video marketing, job candidates can meet future coworkers. You can also include office and event clips so they get to know the company. 

Having trouble choosing the right type of video for your business? 


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